Saturday, May 16, 2015

Thinking of a past foster dog

A few years ago I fostered a dog. His name is Zues. He is the brother of my Chug named Moose. He is smaller than Moose. He was underweight and needed to gain weight. He is very smart and eager to learn and please.

A Chug is a Chihuahua and a Pug mix.

I am fostering him because his owner had to move from his place. Who was staying with friends til he can get his own place. At the time all I had was Moose. It was a pleasant experience to have two dogs in the house again.  Zues was a quick learner. He loved to please. He had a silly little grin, that I still see in his brother. It reminds me of Zues from time to time.

I had a hard time fostering Zues. I have several reasons :

1. The length of having, I am growing attached
2. The current has not kept Zues up to date on shots
3. The current owner never got Zues tags.

I think you can see where I am going with this. I could keep the list going. I was looking at all the angles of everything on what was best for Zues. Upon receiving Zues back to foster. (This was the second time around.) There are some things I have noticed as I was fostering Zues. For one Moose had grew attached to Zues and followed him everywhere.

Zeus's owner came for a visit one time. Moose did not want him to touch Zues at all. Moose would try and sit on Zeus's head and put his paw up to try and keep him away. Like he was protecting him. You could really tell he did not want Zues to go away. That actually pulled on my heart strings to see it happening.

Some things I have learned about Zeus and Zeus's living habits. Zues was fed people food. So, he begged any time we would eat. He would jump at their plate or hand. I have started crating him at meal time. I have taught him to sit to receive a treat. Not to bite or nip at the hand. I have taught him to walk off leash. I have shown Zues he does not have to tuck his head down when petted or run away. He had fleas we had to treat him for. Plus, his nails needed clipped pretty bad.

When Zeus's owner came over. He brought his seven year old son. I baby sat him for a little while. During this time I observed and had to stop a few incidents. The boy would hold Moose down and tell Zues to get him. He also took a pillow and was hitting Zues in the head to play and attack my pillow. The boy would wrestle with Zues. He was rough because Zues would yelp.

After seeing that, it made alot of sense why Zues was head shy. Zues was also allowed to go to the bathroom on the bed, blankets and such because he was not taken outside when needed to go to the bathroom. That was a big no no here. Zues is not allowed in the bedrooms because of this. He also thought he was going to let loose where ever felt needed throughout the house. That came to a stop real quick. Zues learned that habit was reserved for outside only.

I have a big back yard where Zues has learned it was okay to run and play without having someone right beside him. When he first came back here. I literally had to shut my back door to get him to go outside without someone. I would stay at the door and watch him out the window. Moose taught him how to play. Moose taught him to tree a squirrel.

One thing I really noticed. I could not place Zues in a separate cage from Moose from the very start. I tried the first night and the second. All I got was whining from both dogs. Yes, they are both sleeping in the same cage at night. At first I had to chase Zues to get him in the cage at all. As he was locked up for hours on end in a tiny cage at his owners home. I have taught him the cage is okay, it is his safe place to go. He knows he gets a treat at night when he goes in the cage without having to be chased. He doesn't whine or yelp. He doesn't mess in the cage anymore.

It is like Moose knew Zues will be leaving again. I really didn't know if separating them will be a good idea or not. I have since got two dogs to keep Moose company. An English Mastiff I rescued. Plus, a tiny Chihuahua mix.

If I ended up rehoming Zues in the end. That is what foster homes are for. Zues was neutered. Tags will be gotten. I planned to update his shots either way. I can't see a dog going without his shots just because he has become homeless and fostered.

Have you ever had to foster dog?

Photos from Pixabay and Google photo images for re-use.

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