Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Madness #7

Yesterday, at the family gathering to help support my sister. I found a few things out. Before I tell you what it is. Let's do a little catch up for those who are not connected to me through Facebook. 

Recently, I found a sister of mine has a tumor in her head. She has to get it out. As it has been growing. She has had headaches for three months. She has been traveling back and forth from our hometown to Columbus to the doctor. More tests need done to find out if it is cancerous or entwined with any brain matter. She goes back on the 20th for the tests. The surgery will be on the 26th.

Now for the things I found out. The tumor has been causing some issues with my sister besides a headache. She has lost her hearing in her left ear. The tumor also affects her balance. It makes her dizzy. Something I never noticed when I went to visit. As she always sat in a  chair. She literally has to have help walking. Or she hangs on to the walls and rails when walking.

It really breaks my heart to see her in so much pain. Where, I as a big sister, can do nothing about it. All I can do is offer her support, do anything she asks if possible, and pray for her.

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