Friday, May 22, 2015

ABC Emotions Challenge L

I am of low spirit today. I feel like something not so good is lurking over my family. My mother has mention she has thought our family has a curse on it. As it seems there is always something going wrong. I laughed. I have always chalked the wrong doings as a part of life.

Lately, I can't shake the words my mother mentioned. I was in the process of buying a home. It has past the date and the owner refuses to extend it. The bank failed to sent the papers out to my estranged husband to sign them. The bank had the information but didn't do anything with it. What am I suppose to do? Turn the other cheek again. I jumped through hoop after hoop completing them all on my end. For the bank to fail me. My boyfriend has an appointment with another person at the bank to see if anything can be done about it Tuesday.

Other things have happened as well. A light I bought for the back of my house was broken. So, I bought a solar light. It came up missing. Along with a roast from my freezer. Not to mention the other little things here and there. I can no longer enjoy my backyard once the sun goes down. 

Leaving home to only return to find lights on and door wide open. Not how they were left. I am at the point where there is always someone in my home to prevent this.

To mail coming up missing. I received a card saying I had received a phone book. If it wasn't there to call a number and report it. I did at the same time I reported not receiving some bills. Only to be told it probably had not arrived yet. Even the water company said I should had received my bill already. As it was due in two days. The post office lady argued with me. So, I repeated myself that I was reporting missing mail once again. I am tired of people dismissing me as a nobody when they are not doing their job.

My daughter who is a loose cannon, had another episode last night. Her oldest brother was here and now understands how bad things have been getting with her. He seen a full blown episode. I won't go into detail of that. As I find her behavior ludicrous. 

All I know is something's gotta give. As I tired of how things are turning out.

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