Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Food Day

For people who want to start eating healthy, changing their diets to healthier eating or wanting your family to enjoy different foods. Trying a new food each day helps.

I suggest to choose which day a week you want to introduce new foods or recipes to your family. Stick with it. You will have days where the food item doesn't go over well. Other times you will.

I have learned over the years. That it might not be the food itself I dislike. It is the way it was prepared. Always be prepared to try fixing the food item another way. I have a few picky eaters in my household. Like everything else in this world. If one way doesn't work. Don't give up. Try another.

Each new food or recipe must be tried with one full bite. No licks or half bites. A full bite in order to get the flavor the food or recipe is intended to give.

Let your family be honest about their opinions of the new foods. Kids love giving an opinion. You would be surprised how some will describe the food or recipes.

Try combining old flavors that you know the family loves with new ones. I love spinach. I have learned I can add it to recipes. As long as I don't use alot of it. As spinach can be overpowering. Thus, canceling other flavors out. Same thing with onions, bell peppers, and garlic.

If you are looking for ideas of new foods and recipes to try out. Check out magazines, food shows on tv, Pinterest, and food blogs. You will be amazed at all the different variations of food combinations you have never tried.

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