Sunday, January 11, 2015

Beneful Healthy Smile Dog Food Review

At one time I was fostering a Chug, who is the brother on my beloved Chug, Moose. I like to look for any free samples I can for them. This way they can sample treats or food without having to spend alot. Then finding out they don't like it. Moose is really picky about his treats or foods. Zues on the other hand will end anything, even shoes for a snack.

This is one of the latest freebies I have received in the mail. The freebie is of Beneful's newest addition to their dog food line and a couple of treats. The food is suppose to help promote a healthy smile, keep their teeth clean and help their breathe from stinking. It is made with real carrots, rice, yogurt, a dash of parsley and chicken. My dogs love it. They went nuts over the new food. So, I went out and bought a big bag to last all month. So, far it seems to be working. No bad breathe for the pups. As they love to get in people's faces and lick them. However I discourage this. As I do not like being licked on the face at all.

The treats were Beneful Healthy Smile Ridges and Twists. Two came in each sample pack. Which worked out great for my Chugs. I broke each and half to see how they would do. They loved these treats. they are also to help fight the tartar build up for cleaner teeth. Plus added calcium to help keep their teeth strong. These are a couple more treats I will place on the list to pick up. They past the test for my Chugs and myself, where I don't smell their stinky breathe anymore.

I really like the idea of all the new food and treats coming out for our pets. Things that help keep them healthier. I have always like serving my pets Beneful food. It may not be the most expensive food or treats out there. Nor are they the cheapest brand out there. Beneful fits very well with in my budget.

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