Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Is Here

One thing I am happy about is....Spring is here. I know in NW Ohio we may get more snow before summer arrives. however, it is warming up. Yesterday was fairly nice out. No need for jackets. As the kids were running around playing outside.

The grandbaby received a sippy cup for the first time. he figured out how to drink from it pretty quick. It might of helped having the taste of chocolate milk for the very first time. That was his Great Aunt's call. As she said it was Easter and a special occasion.

I love this picture of my son holding his son. Love how the suns shines through from behind. I was a beautiful spring day. My grandbaby was able to try and see new things. It simply amazes me to watch him as he experiences things for the first time. His expressions say it all.

Challenge : Write about spring.

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