Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#42 Roses and Tulips

Todays challenge is to write about flowers. I choose to write about roses and tulips. As they are my favorite flowers. Living in NW Ohio flowers have no yet emerged. As the weather has not warmed up enough yet. However, the time will come soon enough where the state is covered in blooming flowers.

Red tulips are one of my favorite flowers. I like to plant them where ever I live. I do like tulips of other colors. There is something about the red ones that catch my eye first. I do like tulips because they come in a wide ray of colors. Plant one and it will continue to grow year after year.

Red roses are my other favorite flower. I have always found the rose to be so tantalizing. Growing thorns to protect themselves from harm make them even more appealing.

I like roses so much. I decided to have a blue rose tattooed with my daughters nickname over my ankle. I choose blue over red. As my body will not take in any red color and bleeds it all out.

Challenge : Write about flowers.

All photos from Pixabay.com a free share photo website.

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