Monday, March 16, 2015

Walking Sticks

Photo was taken by and copyright belongs to rusty2rusty.

As you can tell from the picture, I have several walking sticks. As if I walk or stand long periods. I need the help of a walking stick, cane or other things to help me walk and stand without leaning to one side all the time.

I was shot in my right calf back in 2006. I went a year without any medical help. Except for the initial time in the hospital and a couple of therapy visits before my family moved from Ohio to Florida. As the insurance was fighting to pay for any of it. Siting it was a previous condition. However, I was within the days allowed in switching insurance to be fully covered. 

In that year, I started leaning to the side in walking. Something I did not notice till the doctor pointed it out. I was also involved in a vehicle accident. Where I was rear ended as I was sitting at a stop sign. These two things severely messed up my posture with my back and neck. It also caused me to have four pinched nerves in my upper back and neck areas. Two pinched nerves in my lower back area. Which I still have issues with today.

For these reasons, I will always need to use a walking stick if I walk or stand for long periods of time. When I go grocery shopping. I use the grocery cart to help steady myself. I have found ways to still get things done like non-disabled people. It does at times take me longer and I am slower at it.

The first walking stick I had was metal. It could be adjusted. It was stolen after I moved to Ohio, in my first home. A couple weeks later I attended a local 4th of July celebration my town was having. I played a game where you threw some rings to try and win a cane. I only had $2.00 to my name. I played. I won a black cane. The person running the game said I was the first person to win one from above.

As i walked away. I chuckled at the persons words. As I believe God helped me win that cane. As he knew I needed it and did not have the money to buy a brand new one.
That cane came up missing about 6 months later when I left it somewhere in town while doing my monthly shopping. I never did find it. 

I was able to pick up to walking sticks from a neighbor who picked them up from a garage sale knowing I needed them. 
 After getting with my current boyfriend of three years. He bought me a wooden walking stick with a metal ball handle. 

I keep them all by the front door in a vase.

Challenge : Write about walking sticks or canes


  1. It is just unimaginable that anyone would steal someone's walking cane! People just never cease to amaze me these days. Thankfully you now have spares so that you can get things done as best you can.

    1. There are a few other things that came up missing shortly after I moved in to my place as well. I am not sure if the few who helped move did it, or the neighbors when I was moving things in between trips. God helped me through. This is why I strongly believe in God. He has seen me through some very hard times to make sure I have what I need.

  2. If you do ever again find yourself without a stick...where there are trees, there are generally sticks. (If they don't break easily, find one that's only manageably too long and cut it down later.)

    1. That is a great idea. I would need something to cut it with. Something I do not have.

  3. It never stops amazing me how horrible people can be. Stealing a walking stick for crying out loud! I'm glad you were able to win a replacement.

  4. Thank you. When I moved back to Ohio, I noticed the city had changed. More low lifes who are out to steal anything they can get from you. Instead of making in on their own. I was hanging around the wrong crowd when I first came back to Ohio.


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