Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Magic - Do you believe?

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There has been stories that have been told saying magic is real. That the earth is a magical place. To be honest, I really don't know. They say only magical creatures and witches have magical abilities. I am not a magical creature or a witch that I am aware of.

I have always been interested in magic, witches and spells. I was raised in the Christian faith. So this does not sit well with me. As in my faith. I am suppose to not use any magic but believe in God and ask him for everything.

I do believe in God. I do believe he is real. I also have visions that appear in my dreams. Things that have came true later on. I also some how know things, that I can't prove but turn out to be true. Things that in the bible, says we are not suppose to know.

I have felt  things in my home. Never seeing them. While others claim to see a man in black. Like a dark shadow. Lurking in my home and sitting on my couch. I have seen shampoo bottles fly off the shelf at a friend across the bathroom. Nobody near the spot the shampoos were sitting. No explanation explaining how it could happen.

Others have claim to see a young female playing jokes on others and hiding my keys and such in my home.

I had another friend who claimed to be a witch light candles and do a spell in my home. I found out later from the childhood friend. That I should of been there. As me not being there caused the spell not to work.

All this has me wondering, is magic real? I know witches are real. I have a childhood friend who use to be a witch. She converted to Christianity a long time ago.

My grandmother had the same abilities as I have. I wonder if my daughter has them too. As I notice on her calmer days. We are more alike than I have wished to omit.

So, I ask my readers. Do you think magic is real? Do you believe in magic?

Challenge : Write about magic.

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