Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cool Off With Smoothies

I finally broke down and bought another blender. This time I went to Wal-mart and picked up the cheapest one I could find made of plastic. Since my daughter broke three in the past year. 

Yes, I Said Three 
The first one was a Elite Cuisine 17-Piece personal Drink Blender with four traveling cups from Wal-mart. The second was similar from Aldi's. The third was a very old heavy glass blender I recived from my mother. 

Hands Off
This newest blender, I told my daughter hands off. She is not allowed to touch it. As she breaks them. If she wants something made. I will make it for her. She may be turning sixteen in August. However, she has a lot to learn about respecting other people's property. I have repeatily taught my teens to return any item borrowed in the same or better condition.

As I am tired of replacing my appliances because my children seem to break them by trying to push them past their limits. Or for some unknown reason placing them on top of the stove. Which my daughter climbs on top of to get in the cupboards above. While forgetting she placed the blender there. Accidentally knocks it to the floor where glass flies everywhere.

Does It Measure Up?
After using several blenders, I compared my newest one to the others. Does it measure up? yes and no.
It blends beautifully. It turns the frozen fruit in to smoothies. As for ice, not so much. I always find huge chunks of ice when making smoothies with fresh fruit. I notice this blender does better with frozen fruit. Where no ice is needed.

What Kind Of Food Does It Blend?
I have blended an assortment of fruit of with no issues. One day my oldest son was over with his baby's momma and my grandson. It was hot. We didn't feel like eating. So, I suggested smoothies for everyone. As I recently picked up a selection of frozen fruit from 
Wal-mart. I picked frozen mango, strawberry, mixed berry, strawberry / banana, and several other combinations.

I told my oldest son (the one into eating healthy and weight lifting) that I liked making smoothies when I don't feel like eating much during the day but, need something due to my sugars levels being up or down. As fruit and how you prepare it can be very healthy for you. I have been trying to find more healthier drinks and meals due to having type 2 diabetis. 

I recived a book on making different types of smoothies. Called "Green Smoothies" I wrote a review about it. You read about it here : 
I have been trying the different recipes out.

Do you like smoothies? 
What is your favorite smoothie?

Smoothie Recipe

Making smoothies is easy. You need a blender, frozen fruit, and milk. Honey or sugar is optional.

You place 1 cup of milk in blender. Add 2 cups of your frozen fruit. Blend. Taste. If it is to tart or sour, add 1 teaspoon of honey. Or a half cup of sugar. Blend. Taste.

Either drink or add more honey or sugar for more sweetness.

If the mixture is to thick, add more milk.

I tend to use Stevia. If I run out of honey.  I also like to add Chia seeds for the health benefits. Sprinkled on top, they make any smoothie look delicious.


  1. We love smoothies in our house too! Hopefully this blender lasts you a long time!

    1. I am hoping it lasts a long time as well. I do plan to pass it down to the teens once they move out. If it lasts that long. Hopefully I can one that does better with ice.

  2. Thank you for sharing at #The RecipeShareParty Pinned yummed and tweeted.

  3. I love smoothies and we make the all the time. In the summer that is all my son will eat during the day.

    1. I would rather eat smoothies all day than fix something to eat. Is that bad?

  4. I love to make fruit smoothies with frozen strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. I add just a small amount of crushed ice in my Ninja with the smoothie powder, then the fruit. I sometimes add almond flavoring and even chocolate bits.

    1. I like making different ones. If I want energy I will add a spoonful of peanut butter, instead oats, honey and frozen fruit.

  5. I used to make smoothies fairly often. I would make a "tropical" one, using bananas and orange juice and sometimes a tropical flavored yogurt instead of milk. I got out of the habit of making them when grocery budget got very tight and could not afford fruits any more other than enough bananas for the boys to eat.

    1. Oh, I never thought of using juice instead of milk. That is a great idea.

      As for fruit to save money : I have and do use can fruit, buy fruit when on sale, buy fruit when it is buy one get one free, and also use frozen fruit.

      Right now I am finding bags for $3.00 and under of cut up frozen fruit at Walmart in their frozen section. They have like 20 different kinds to choose from.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Haven't made a smoothie for a while. Coffee is on

  7. I just had a smoothie for breakfast, coconut yogurt, ice, fresh strawberries a banana and baby spinach, it was delicious.

  8. We love smoothies as an after dinner snack =)I like adding spinach and flaxseed for some heart healthy fats.

    1. I have started to add flax and chia seeds. Also a little Ginger. Sometimes honey instead of Stevia. I think the more I make them, the healthier they get.

  9. I make a really simple one. 1 C apple juice, 5 frozen strawberries and 1 banana. It is yummy!


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