Monday, March 2, 2015

Where did the Leprechaun hide the gold?

Photo found on a free use website called Pixabay while looking for the words pot of gold.

This is a fun story I created about a Leprechaun and his pot of gold. This is how it goes :

I have a Leprechaun that lives out back in the woods. I know where he lives because I followed him one day. I had to be sneaky. So, he did not know I was following him. As Leprechauns are smart. They hate to be spied on. As they do not want anyone to find their hidden gold. Gold is one of leprechauns favorite items. They will trick anyone to protect it.

The Leprechaun lives out between the two big trees that come together on top of the big rock at the bottom of the hill. He has made a little area to live. It is like a cave but not. It is a cute little home from the outside. I have never been inside. As I stand too tall. I can not fit. I can only peek through the tiny windows.

I followed the Leprechaun one day to see if I can find his gold. I followed from his home to the big pond, through the bush, around the rose garden where he disappeared. I think he must have noticed me. Out of no where he appeared in my path. He spoke in a demanding voice and asked,"Why are you following me?" Of course, this caught me off guard. I could tell I was in a pickle. As every time I took a step back. The Leprechaun took a step towards me.

The Leprechaun spoke,"You don't like it when I follow you, do you?" I stood there and shook my head no. I muttered,"You scare me." He pointed his finger and sneered,"You best remember that. The next time I see you following me. I will turn into a toad." With a snap of his finger he disappeared.

As quick as I could. I ran home and locked the door behind me. I have no idea where the Leprechaun hides his gold. Nor do I plan on finding it out. I suspect it is hid among the rose with all those sharp thorns to deter people from looking. As I noticed a thorn in the Leprechauns arm dripping with blood. As a few gold coins fell out of his pocket when he walked towards me earlier. It could be a trick. I am not sure. I don't plan on going through the roses with all thorns to find out.

Where do you think the Leprechaun hid his gold?

Challenge : Write about a pot of gold

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  1. I am thinking the bloody rose thorn is a trick too. My guess is the gold is either hidden underneath the rock or he put it in a bank vault.

  2. I think the rose bush is a trick too. Since, he caught me following him.


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