Thursday, March 19, 2015


There are so many things to celebrate in life. That celebrations go on every day throughout the world. You need to choose what you wish to celebrate and go from there.

Yesterday some people celebrated "Supreme Sacrifice Day". It is a day where people honor those who have sacrificed for the good of the people. Throughout history, people have gone beyond the call of duty and sacrificed themselves. So others like you and I can live.

People who have sacrificed can be :

1. Veterans
2. Police officers or Firemen
3. Doctors crossing borders
4. Jesus Christ

Today, some are celebrating "Poultry day".
Versailles, Ohio has celebrated "Poultry Day" since the early 50's. Normally in the month of June. I was surprised to find "Poultry Day" making it on the bizarre weird holiday list for today's date because of this.

Not sure if someone added the wrong day or they really like chicken. Either way there are many reasons to celebrate.

Find something you like, that makes you happy and have a celebration. Who knows it might catch on and become a worldly trend.

Photos from Pixabay.

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