Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dogs Running At Large Are Dangerous

This happened back in 2007. My story reflects back to that time era :

Two neighborhood dogs running at large killed my cat. My cat 'Bones' was a very docile animal. He would come when I called his name. He would go outside to go potty. Than right back inside to lay on my bed.

Here's the story: These two dogs that my family and neighborhood kids who have had run ins with before. Came in my yard and attacked my cat. My teen son seen it happen. One dog ran off, the other turned on my son and started growling and coming towards him. My son threw a knife he had at the dog. The dog yelled and ran off. Less than five minutes later a neighborhood kid came over and was telling us he was being chased by the same dogs down the street.

I called animal control to report it. My cat died while I was talking to animal control. 45 minutes I called animal control back and asked where they were at and if they could give me a time when they were going to show up. I was given no such time. So, I called my father in law. Who in turned called the local sheriff's office. The local sheriff's office sent an officer over. He talked to my father in law. Than went to where the dogs live at. I was told to call the animal control within an hour if they haven't shown up. Because the sheriff's office wants to talk to them as well. About these dogs terrorizing the neighborhood.

My (now estranged) husband tried calling the animal control over the weekend on these same dogs. He was told to call Monday because no one was in to take his report. I am so mad and upset right now. I have been crying my eyes out. My cat I took in as a feral when he was nothing but skin and bones on death's door. Everyone thought he was going to die. I was able to save him with my love and bring him back to health only to lose him to two vicious dogs roaming the streets.

It is against the law to allow dogs to run the streets in the Fort Myers area. I want something done. Something more than just having the last memory of my cat dying in my arms after this attack.

My teenager and I went to animal control. They claim they have picked up both dogs. They showed us a dog we know was not one of them that killed my cat. They had it listed as a pick up and it was to small to be the same dog. I told the lady there was two dogs They couldn't seem find the other one. She showed us one dog in the vicious dog area that is being put down later today. My son thought it was him but wasn't positive. I told them the dogs were owner surrender. That is when they showed us the second dog.

These dogs have finally been put to sleep. It took other neighbors calling the animal control and reporting these dogs running at large. As for some neighbors, they also feel the loss of a beloved pet to these same dogs. Two were puppies : Pitbull and a poodle/chi mix.

I feel sorry for the dogs. As I am sure they were doing what they have been taught to do. Or were never corrected from not doing. Secondly, I feel sorry for the pet owners who truly don't understand or appreciate what a pet is for, how to properly train, or just don't take responsibility for their pets.

I would like to say I feel safe to let my mini pins outside without fear of another animal attacking. The imagine and pain of watching my cat die while I was helpless to stop is still fresh in my mind. I love all animals. My fear of larger dogs is growing stronger as more stuff like this continues to happen.

Challenge : Write about an experience you have had from a irresponsible pet owner.

Note : All photos are from Pixabay. They are photos of dogs running in play. Not dangerous, like the ones mentioned in the story.

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