Friday, March 13, 2015

A - Z Emotions Challenge : Blessed

Today, I was woke a phone call that upset me. Instead of dwelling on the negatives in my life today. I feel like thinking about the things I am blessed with. It is my way of turning a negative into a positive. The more positive I think, the better my mood will be, the more I will noticed how blessed I  am.

I noticed if I dwell on the negatives in my life. I start to slip down a slippery slope in my head. It is nobody's fault by my own. As I know I am in control of my own thoughts. Some days I find it easy to rant and push the blame on others. From personal experience I am a better person if I dwell on all things and people I am blessed with in my life. I am bestowed in life many blessing.

I have prayed for the Lord to give on me a best friend, someone I can talk to, be with, and do things with. He granted my prayer by sending me my boyfriend of three years. He doesn't like to see me upset. As it upsets him, when I am upset. I am blessed.

I prayed for a healthy daughter after I gave birth to two boys. I gave birth to a daughter who suffers from ADHD and ODD. Sometimes her world disrupts the whole household in ways that baffles me. My request was granted. I am  blessed with a healthy daughter.

One thing I have learned no matter what I pray or ask for. When I am ready, I will receive.  Not  when I want it.When it happens, I know I am blessed.

I am working on having more patience. As with more patience, it has opened my eyes to see the blessing are in front of me.

Yes, I am disabled and cannot hold down a real job. Yes, I am living in a rental. Yes, I am homebound much of the time. As I have no vehicle when my boyfriend is gone on business. As he needs it to do what needs for our future. Yes, I might have to wait three or four days to catch a ride to where I need to go. Yes, I hurt when my boyfriend is away from me for so long.

All these things make me stronger. As I can see I am blessed. I have a boyfriend and family who loves me. I have a roof over my head. My family is not starving. I am learning patience is a virtue. Throwing fits doesn't get me anywhere but in life.

Next step is working to get over my pride, bow down and ask when I can not do things for myself on my own.

Every Friday, I will be doing the next letter in the alphabet based on a emotion. To learn more about this challenge. Please click the photo below.

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  1. I too try to keep in mind all the things in life that I am blessed by rather than focussing on the hardships that we are going through healthwise and financially right now. We can do this! Great post Sandy!

    1. I agree, staying positive is good all the way around mentally and healthwise.

  2. It is funny how sometimes we get what we ask for but in its own time and its own way, not always exactly what we thought we wanted and when. Somehow, being thankful for the gift humbles us for future gifts and for future tasks. Stay positive, Sandy, whatever life brings.

    1. Thank you Ruth, It is funny how things turn out. Things always seem to work out some how.


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