Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bad Dog or Bored?

Many times I look at one of my dogs (I have three). I wonder if he is a bad dog or a bored dog, when I come upon him chewing something up he is not suppose to. Recently he had chewed up a pillow that has sat on the couch for months he has never touched. Or so I thought.

Come to find out the kids were teasing him with it. So, when we weren't around and he got bored. The doge tore it up. He wasn't being bad, he was bored. I try and keep plenty of bones and toys around for my dog to keep him from getting bored. I feel toys and bones are necessary and not a luxury. As they keep my dog content and out of trouble. He knows bones and toys are his to play with. He will leave other things alone.

Somethings I have done when choosing a toy :

1. First thing I do is dog proof my home. I remove anything I think he might think is a toy and would chew up.

2. All doors to bedrooms and bathroom stay closed. Unless they have a gate preventing entry from the dog. This ensures the kids toys not being mistaken for his toy. Or my favorite slippers getting chewed up again.

3. When choosing toys, I make sure they are the proper size. I have a toy breed, small breed and a extra large breed. When I buy toys made for toy and small breed I make the item is right for their size. Nothing small enough to place in his mouth and swallow.

4. I carefully watch my dog playing with anything with squeakers. As he will tear the toy up to get to it. As soon as the toy gets ripped open. The toy gets removed from reach. As squeakers can be a choking hazard.

5. I avoid any filling that isn't fluffy. Like beads in beanie babies that can harm my dog if ingested.

6. I provide an assortment of toys. He has stuffed toys, tug ropes, balls, toys with areas to hide treats where the dog has to search for the treat to get it etc. This is to help prevent boredom having different things to play with.

7. I especially look for toys I can play with my dog. I believe interaction helps with bonding and socialization. Doing these things has helped my bored dog from becoming a bad dog. Instead, he has plenty of things to keep his attention from doing things that he shouldn't be. Doing these things he can have the run of the house. I don't feel a need to crate him when I am gone.

What do you do to keep your dog from being bored? Is your dog a bored dog or a bad dog?

Challenge - Write about a bad dog. Write about a bored dog. Write something you do to help your dog from being bored or bad.

Photo Credits : (1) has all three dogs : Buster - the English Mastiff, Moose - the Chug, and rascal - Chihuahua mix. ©rusty2rusty (2) Moose, the Chug ©rusty2rusty (3) Dog toys - from a free use website.

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