Thursday, March 12, 2015

Is It Good Luck Or Bad Luck?

With St. Patrick's Day around the corner, I have been hearing all kinds of superstitions about what brings you good luck or bad luck. Some sound believable. While others simple sound like someone was bored and made it up.

You will receive good luck if :

1. You have a rabbit's foot.
2. You find a 4 leaf clover by accident.
3. You find a horseshoe.
4. You wear clothes inside out. (which seems to be a popular trend among young adults nowadays).
5. You blow all your candles out on your birthday cake. Your wish will come true.
6. You keep a lock of a babys first hair cut.
7. You have goldfish in a pond.
8. You find a penny face up.
9. You wear new clothes on Easter.
10. A cricket is in your house.

You will receive bad luck if :

1 . A black cat crosses your path. My grandmother always believed she received good luck when a black cat crossed her path. As she always came in to money some how.
2. You walk under a ladder.
3. You break a mirror. Brings you seven years of bad luck.
4. You open an umbrella in the house.
5. you step on a crack, you break your mothers back. (I use to play this as a child to try and avoid cracks on the sidewalk)
6. You sing at the table.
7. You chase someone with a broom.
8. You find a penny face down.
9. You drop a dishcloth.
10. You rock an empty rocking chair.

Challenge : Write about good luck, bad luck, or both.


All Photos found through a search of free reuse photos on Google.


  1. I had good luck while living with a black cat...the good luck of having found the perfect pet for me.

  2. I didn't know you had to find the 4 leaf clover by accident. We spend a lot of time looking for them.

  3. I have never really been superstitious but I would not mind finding a four-leaf clover right now for good luck!


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