Sunday, January 11, 2015

7 Myths About The Ladybug!

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The other day while attending my sunflowers. A ladybug flew on my shoulder. I had my son place the ladybug back in my sunflower garden. But it came right back and sat on my shoulder. I am not sure what was attracting the ladybug to me. I was told by my oldest son that means luck when a ladybug land son you. So, I decided to do a web search. This is what I found out : 

There are 150 species of Ladybugs in the United States. Until I did a little research. I had no idea there were so many. Ladybugs come in a ray of different colors. With a number of different spots. 

There are many myths about the Ladybugs : 

1. In Brussels and Burgundy, if a lady bug lands on. You count the spots and that is how many kids you will have.
2. many farmers around the world believe if a Ladybug has less than seven spots, they will have a good harvest.
3. Others believe if a ladybug land son, you count the spots and that is how many dollars you soon receive.
4.Swedens believe if a Ladybug is found crawling on the hand of a woman, it is measuring her hand for her wedding gloves.
5. Killing a Ladybug means bad luck. As it is related to the Virgin Mary.
6. Canadians believe when a ladybug is found wintering in their garage, it is an indication of good luck. They also hold the ladybug in their hands and make a wish. The direction at which the ladybug flies is known to be the direction from which your wish will come true.
7. Some people believe if a ladybug lands on you when you are sick, it flies away taking the sickness along with it.

There is also a children's nursery rhyme about Ladybugs. It evolved from the practice of burning crops at the end of the season. Supposedly, farmers would sing to warn the ladybugs to fly away, leaving harmful insect pests behind to be burned in the flames. I am not familiar with and have never of it. 

Have you? Do you think the Ladybug brings luck or bad luck?


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