Sunday, January 11, 2015

Keep Your Dog Safe from Deadly Treats

The thing the bugs me the most when people come over to my home, is the fact they think they can feed my Chugs anything. As dogs commonly do, they also beg. I hate the fact I have to put them in their cages when it is meal time. As the one Chug, Zues - I am fostering was fed anything by it's previous owner. Zues will knock your plate out of your hand if he think he can get the food. You place your food on the table, it disappears. You move your hand away from your body because you are actually taking a breathe in between bites or talking. The food disappears. People think they can walk in my house and feed my dog anything they are eating or any treat before asking. They are not the ones will have to pick up the mess when the Chugs get sick. I discourage human food being fed to my dogs.

Do you feed other peoples pets treats without permission?

The problem is not all food or treats are made the same. Some things my Chugs can not tolerate. It makes them sick. It really astounds me when a guest with feed my Chugs a treat. The Chugs get sick. Than claim," I don't know what happen. My dogs have no problem with those treats." I explain, "That's because these are my dogs not yours. They can not tolerate all treats. Next time ask the pet owner before serving their dog a treat."

Back in 2007, several pets lost their lives after consuming contaminated dog treats imported from China. At that time I had miniature pinschers named Max & Daisy. Max was given a treat that made him deathly sick. He did not die but had to rushed to an emergency vet. They were able to save him but not until the cost of his healthcare with in to the 1000's of dollars. I contacted the company that produced the treat my dog ate and made him sick. All they said was we have only had a couple of complains of our product. Pretty much they didn't care. Because all the other 10,000's pets who ate the treats weren't getting sick. Today, that treat has been removed from stores shelves. Only after a recall was issued after many more pets got sick or died. This all happened because production standards in other countries are often less strict as they are in the United States (such as China). I now look at where a treat is produced, not just packaged before I buy it. If it is not made in the United States. I do not buy it. I learned my lesson at the price of one of my dogs getting sick and running up an expensive bill.

Have you ever had a scare from feeding your pets treats?

There are two treats I will not give to my pets under any circumstances :

1. Rawhide Treats - Besides the potential of the treat breaking off and obstructing my pups airway. Rawhide go through a process, a chemical process where it is washed with degreasers, detergents, then sterilized in hydrogen peroxide. Not something I want my pups to eat.

2. Bully Sticks - bully sticks are made with the meat of the cow instead of the hide like Rawhide treats. So bully sticks are more easily digestible. But they are not made in the US.

What kind of treats do you feed your pets?


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