Sunday, January 11, 2015

7 Tips To Help Keep A Kitchen Clean

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I love to cook, bake and create in the kitchen. However, I hate walking into a kitchen and having to clean before I start. That is a pet peeve of mine. I am the type of person who cleans as I go when cooking, baking or creating in the kitchen. Here are a few tips I use to keep my kitchen clean :

1. I will have an item to place utensils on as I am cooking. So, they do not make the stove top dirty. Plus, it helps when cooking several different things. That part of it do not mix on the utensils.
2. If I make a mess or spill, I clean it up as I go. I find it alot easier to clean before the mess sets in and I have to scrub to get the dried up or caked on yuck up.
3. My fridge has those spill proof shelves. That catch leaks. I just pull one shelf out, clean and place back in. It is alot better than having the shelves where everything leaks through to the bottom. I always hated having to clean a whole fridge for one little spill.
4. While baking, I go through several dishes. When done using one, I will rinse it out and place in the sink as I go. It will make washing dishes alot easier. Less scrubbing and dried out caked on yuck!
5. I always keep my kitchen table cleaned off. My kids like to use it as a catch all. My kids have learned I will not cook without the table cleared. 
6. When cleaning veggies, I have a sack or trash can right beside me. That way I have a place to put something I wish to throw out right away. Leaves for less clean up later.
7. I will prep what I can prior to any cooking or baking. This helps with clean up and getting what I accomplished earlier without trying to rush while I am cooking or baking.

Do you have to clean you kitchen before you start cooking? What is a pet peeve in the kitchen?


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