Sunday, January 11, 2015

Eight After School Snacks

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School are back in session for many students. My children included. After school they have sports practice. By time they get home they are starving. Last night I had made some tollhouse back to school pre-made cookies. My kids loved them. They were a big hit. Anyone that knows me, knows I enjoy making fun foods and treats for my kids to eat. I am a also a member of pinterest where I get alot of my ideas from. So far, I have got a few ideas for fun foods or treats for me to try out on my kids this year. They are:

1. Squirmy, wormy apple snacks - Cut an apple in half, Take the core out, add peanut butter and a gummy worm. 

2. Alphabet pudding - Use a little orange food coloring and add it to the pudding to make it look like the color of soup. Sprinkle with alphabet cereal. (This will work great for an April fool's joke as well)

3. Grape worms - Place them on a tooth pick or a shorten wooden skewer. Use chocolate chips for eyes. Can be attached by icing or honey. I think I will play around with these and see if I can use the string like licorice for attenna's. maybe make a caterpillar.

4. School bus twinkies - Since twinkies are making a come back. You can grab a twinkie. Cut 1/4 of the front corner off for front of bus. Than use different color of icing to decorate the twinkie like a bus. Use gummy life savers as the wheels. Attach by icing.

5. Back to School Snack Mix - In a bowl add in letter and number crackers. (I get mine at Kroger's. It is the Kroger brand), Pretzels shapes - the sticks for L's and the circle ones for O's. Cheeze it Junior Scramble crackers (has letters on them). Add some M&M's for the letter M. Lastly, mix in alphabet cereal. You can mix anything else that has letters or numbers to the mix.

6. Apple Pretzels - You cover the pretzel in a red chocolate. Just add red food coloring (if you can't find red frosting) and mix it in white frosting to you get your desired color. Use a brown tootsie roll for the stem. For a leaf, soften a green tootsie roll and shape in to a leaf.

7. Rolo Pencils - Take a roll of rolo's. Cover with yellow paper the color of a pencil. Add a hershey's kiss to one end for the lead tip. You can add some sort of candy the color of an eraser on the end by icing. Or use paper the color of an eraser. I prefer to use a candy. I really want to hand these out at Halloween.

8. Licorice pencil - Find yellow licorice, Dip end in chocolate icing after shaping tip in a point. Other end dip in red icing to look like the eraser. 

What after school treats do you give your kids? I am always looking to add and improve my list.


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