Monday, October 27, 2014

The Nutty Professor

A novelist in the making, with this numbing note (short story) about the Nutty professor's nightmare. Followed by a list of Halloween theme "N" words :

The nutty professor was up all night. He decided to lay down for a nightcap at noon. He fell into a sleep, which he started to have a nightmare.
In his nightmare, the nutty professor dreamed of a nightgown his mother use to wear. It was floating in the air with nocturnal creatures following behind in a line one by one.
The night gown was glowing brightly like a night light. As it looked to be dancing as it floated through the air.
Out of nowhere, a nine foot ninja slashed the night gown with his sword nine times before he disappeared.
The nocturnal creatures gathered around the night gown as it laid in a pile of pieces, to form a circle.
Nuts started flying through the air circling everything.
This causes the nutty professor to wake up in a fright. He was nervous. As he did not understand what his nightmare meant.
Why did he have a nightmare about his mother's night gown? His mother has been dead for nine years.
-The End.
N words with a Halloween them :
Nut, nutty, nutty professor, nope, near, noon, night, nightmare, no, noone, nowhere, new, nap, night gown, night cap, ninja, Netherworld, noisemaker, noise, nonsense, nauseous, nocturnal, nimble, nervous, number
Can you think of any other Halloween them 'N" words?
I challenge you to write a short story, poem or phrase using 5 or more of the words from the list above or use your own.

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