Friday, June 30, 2017

Time To Get A Move On And Get Things Done

Oh my! I told my teens they were changing their rooms around today. As my nephew stays in the room with my son, which has the smallest room in the house, which leaves him sleeping on the couch. This should have been done two months ago. I want my living room back. Of course, this leads to my daughter arguing and being defensive. All because I said my teen son has to move the big things out of his room first, as he has less stuff. That way my daughter's things can be placed in the smaller room right off bat.
My son suggested leaving the closest for last. I agreed. Move the bigger heavier stuff first and get it out of the way. Also, this way my daughter will have her stuff in her room where she can put back and organize herself. Not take several days to weeks and have the things sitting all over the house waiting for her to do it. Til I get upset and either do it myself or throw out a month from now on big trash day. I want my house back. I want it organized and not messy.
Either way, this forces her to do the work herself after the heavy lifting and moving are done. Plus, it gives my nephew a room to actually sleep in. After this is done. My teen son and I plan on getting bunk beds or something to save space for both of them to sleep comfortably and make sure each has a dresser to put clothes away in. I can't do that the way the rooms are set up now.
All I know that leaves for a bunch of work to be done this weekend. I will sore and exhausted by the time the weekend is done. As of right now, I am ready to get a move on. I am like let's get her done.

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  1. I need to move some things around and do some heavy-duty cleaning. Not a fun job.

  2. Your house may be messy now, but it will all come together and you will get your living room back...

  3. Making the best use of space and making bedrooms work for more than one person are challenging tasks. Sounds like you've got a handle on it!

  4. It is a challenge to try to get your organized and find a agreement but I think you did very well.
    The most difficult part for me is to start!

  5. Isn't it such a joy, having kids that age and needing to coordinate everything?

  6. I am so glad you are putting your foot down and getting things done. New start new clean home. I am proud of the progress you have made.

    I know your daughter may not like the change but with a little help she might calm down when you tell her how pretty her brothers room will look since she now has it.

  7. Not fun to do but sure feels good when it's done!

  8. All the best, I am sure everyone will be happy when it is done. The Blogger's Pit Stop will feature your post on Friday. Congratulations.
    Blogger's Pit Stop


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