Monday, October 27, 2014

Obnoxious Owls

An odd short story that started off without a hitch. Obnoxious Owls is something that I can turn in to a short story series. Do you think it has what it takes to continue?

Here goes :

In the outer limits, out where the octopus live and give birth to their babies in swallow water.

An odd thing occurred. The ogres who make sure the octopuses have food all winter long became overwhelmed.

It seemed that a obnoxious group of owls were circling in and stealing the food meant for the octopuses.

The odor the owls were leaving behind on the oak tree was pretty offensive. As the ogres couldn't stand it.

The ogres called upon the oracle daily to bring them relief.

In mid October, the sky turned orange. As a poof of a dark orange smoke appeared.

When the orange smoke cleared. The ogres found bunch of oatmeal. One of the octopuses favorite meals they rarely get.

The owls don't like oatmeal. After a few days the owls flew off in search for a new easy meal to steal.

-The End.

Check out these words Halloween words that begin with the letter 'O' :

October, ogre, orange, owl, occult, obscure, occurrence, occur, outer limit, out, outfit, odor, offense, offensive, oracle, overwhelm, oppression, overcast, odd
octopus, operation, obnoxious, oak, oath, oatmeal, off, on

What other "O" Halloween theme words can you think of?

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