Monday, October 27, 2014

A Mummy Msytery

Let's mingle as we munch of some monster mash potatoes. While we enjoy the memorizing tale of "A Mummy Mystery", followed with a list of Halloween them "M" words :

At midnight, under the moonlight, the monsters gathered around the murky shores. To munch on magical feast that abounds them.
Sitting on some moss, as the mummy did not want to get his cloth muddy.
He noticed an opening to a maze. It seem to be covered up by a magical spell. One must pay money to enter the museum to get to the maze.
Only those who endure madness can enjoy the mysteries behind the hidden maze.
Is the mummy mad enough to enter the maze? Does he dare?
Halloween theme list of 'M' words :
Monster, much, money, munch, maniac, monster mash, mash, mummy, music, murky, mud, muddy, make believe, make up, magic, magic wand, magic spells, midnight, mausoleum, museum, mist, moon, moonlit, morbid, moon light, mad, madness, mystery, mysterious, masquerade, maggot, mask, maze, mournful, moldy, mildew, member, membrane, mutation, mystical, malformed, mean, meager, mercy, merciless, murder, moss, movies
Can you come up with a short story, poem , or phrase using at 5 to 10 of the words listed above? I dare you. I double dog dare you!!

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