Sunday, September 24, 2017

Reorganizing Clutter for More Space

I live in a small home. I always moving things around or re-organizing to declutter. As anyone who has ever lived in a  small home, one thing out of place will make the house look like it needs to be cleaned.
The before photo -
I moved the green container out to the kitchen temporarily. As it is too dark to move it to the top of the shed tonight. I decided to place the dog bed with all the dog toys in this space. That way anyone can get into the cabinet to get Xbox games or movies out without having to move something. 
I also moved the container holding my canes back to the spot by the door. I find it easier to remember to put my canes back after using them and grabbing them on the way out the door.
I have two containers where the dog bed was. I placed them in front of the window. This will serve as a way to block the dogs from running to the window every time they hear the neighbor car door and knocking the cable loose. One container will have the dogs things in. That way they are not sitting all over the house. The second container will hold all my receipts or important papers for the year 2017. 
The two cans of paint will be used in the spring. This is a good spot to store them out of the way till then. The area looks much better reorganized. 
I no longer have to worry about the area being a catch-all. Or papers falling behind the container.
What have you reorganized or decluttered I recently?

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  1. Ive more or less given up on decluttering. I have no room in my house to organize, and I've gotten rid of most of what I'm willing too. I'm at a stalemate with my home. lol


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