Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dear Cashiers

Dear Cashiers

I have noticed on Facebook a few memes going around about cashiers and baggers, to be nicer and such. Well, that got me thinking of writing an open letter to cashiers and baggers alike. as it seems it can be a two-way street. Before I write the letter I wish to say I do appreciate the baggers and cashiers. I understand you don't make a ton of money at your job. How do I know? I once was a bagger and a cashier. I loved the job. Sometimes I do miss the interaction with the people.
Dear Cashier and Baggers,
While I appreciate the small talk, please don't ask me how I feel or about my day unless you really want to hear about it. As when I start answering your questions truthfully and you start to roll your eyes, it hurts. Why bother to lead me on if you don't want to hear it? I was taught better manners than this.
When you fill the bags up, can please make sure I can lift them afterward. If you have to double bag 10 bottles of power aid, may I suggest placing five bottles of power aid in instead of five. Otherwise when I get out to the parking lot to place it in my car. The bag will rip doubled bagged or not, as the groceries go flying all over the place. 
When I place groceries in a smaller cart, please don't bag them and place them on my purse. As I need my purse to pay for the groceries. What do you think will happen once I yank my purse from under the groceries? Your hard work will come undone as the groceries spill out of the bag. I will kindly ask you to re-bag them. There is a bottom rack for a reason. Place the groceries there instead of on my purse. If you place more bags on top of the spill groceries, I will call up a manager after I leave and report the incident.
Please don't start throwing and slamming the groceries I chose around because you are anger at something that happened before I came to your register. This will only work out one of two ways. Both ways will be reported to a manager. I don't want to hear about your problem. I am there to buy groceries and go on to what I need to do next. 
One thing before I go, I understand you haven't seen the person you are talking to in a long time. While you are working and there is a line behind the person, it is not the time to find out what they did for the last two years. Minimal chit chat is fine as long as you are doing your job and the customer is paying. Once that is done, please stop. I don't like someone looking over my shoulder as I am using my debit card because you continue to talk to them. Nor do I like not having room to move around because this person is now standing in between my cart and me. I promise I will call your superior and report it. As I no longer feel I can pay for my groceries without worrying if that person is memorizing my four-digit code.
The Customer.
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