Sunday, September 24, 2017

Did You Know This About The Praying Mantis

I was lucky enough to get a photograph of a praying mantis that was sitting by my outside solar light above the backyard shed. I have been seeing an abundance of praying mantis recently. I live in the city, which is strange to see so many of this beautiful creatures. I know autumn is their time to lay eggs. Maybe she is looking for a good place to lay her eggs.
I can remember being a teenager when my younger sisters brought in a praying mantis egg sac. My mom had no idea the girls brought it in their room. One day the egg sac hatched. There was hundred's of little praying mantis all over my sister's room. My mom used the vacuum to sweep them up. Afterwards she took them outside and emptied the vacuum. Which released all the praying mantis outside in to their natural habitat. 
Praying mantis only live a year. Lay their eggs and die. Occasionally the female will kill the male before or during mating. 
That Praying mantis was once thought to have super powers by early civilians, including Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Assyria.
The scariest thing about praying mantis is that their closet relatives are cockroaches and termites.
Praying mantis is the most kept insect as a pet.
Photos from a free use photo website.

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