Sunday, September 24, 2017

This Is Why You Should Lock Your Doors

Last night the power went out in my area. There was a strong storm that blew through the area taking many things with it. Utility poles were laying on the ground with the power lines exposed. You would think people would stay indoors where it is safe til all can be fixed. 
Like most people, my family and friends stay up for a little bit with candles lit, waiting to see how long the power would be out. finally getting to the point of giving up and laying down. One type of person decided the night was right to go to work - the criminals. Lights are out, a perfect time to steal gas, break into unlocked houses and search through unlocked vehicles. 
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Laying in bed, I could not sleep with all the silence. I heard what I thought was the jiggling of the doorknob. The dogs must have heard it too. As they scurried from the bed towards the front door barking as loud as they could. All of a sudden I heard the screen door slam shut.I popped up and told my boyfriend that was the screen door. He got up to check if he could see anything. He opened the front door. No one to be seen. We went back to bed for the night. 
The next morning, the front door was still locked and in place. Looking outside, the gas lid on the car was open. The cap was in place. 
My family was lucky. It was only gas this time. It could have been worse if my front door would have not been locked. Or the dogs alerted us of someone at the door.

Do you lock your doors at night?


  1. Yes, I do lock my doors, day and night. I live in a really nice, safe, community, but one never knows! So glad the dogs barked to alert you that you were not just hearing things. And so glad it was just gas and they did not come inside!

  2. Yes we do lock our doors at night. One time when we were living in a much bigger city my car didn't get locked and my distance glasses were in the car. The next morning I went out to find that someone had stolen my glasses. That was all that was missing. Why anyone would want to steal my glasses is beyond me. The were prescription lenses. I wish we would have had a dog back then.

  3. Close call.

    We always lock our doors. We don't live in the best neighborhood or the safest city. The people on either side of us have been broken into several times. I think its only by grace of having large vocal dogs living in our house that people have not attempted to break into us.


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