Thursday, February 9, 2017

Have You Felt The Spark With A Kiss?

When it comes to looking for the 'one' you expect to find them when sparks fly. How long does one need to wait before the sparks fly? Is is after the first kiss, first date, or when you feel the butterflies flutter in your stomach? 

First, You Go On A Date

1. It is miserable. You know he or she is not for you.
2. You like her or his company but don't feel the spark. You want to try another date.
3. You know she or he is the one for you. You are hoping they feel the same way.

3 Set Of Rules That Can Vary With Each Date

1. Never call it quits on a decent first date. As emotions will be high strung. Never give up an opportunity to spend time with a nice person. If the person isn't a potential mate. You may have in fact found a new life-long friend.
2. Call it quits if the person is sending warnings or red flag signals. Such as referring to the opposite gender with negative and degrading words. Or seems to want to get in your pants. Unless you are looking for that.
3. Three dates is a good amount of time to realize if you want to pursue the person for a long term relationship or not. If you think he or she is a nice person but don't feel like getting a kiss. Move on that way the next person can have a chance. Don't settle or you can miss your chance to finally feel that spark.

 I Knew When the Sparks Flew
I knew when the sparks flew the first time with my boyfriend when my heart was racing. At the same time, I was light headed after a kiss. With no awkward moments. I remember it clearly, where we were, what room we were in, what we were doing. Till this day I crave his kisses and soft touch. Everything around us seems to disappear when he kisses me. It is like we are entwined together as one, where all I can think about is how much I love him. It was, do I dare say 'magical'.

Have you felt the spark? 

I will leave you to listen to the video of "Sparks fly / Kissing You" by Miranda Cosgrove


  1. A long time ago now when the first spark sparked, but it still happens with the same person too!

    1. I find it beautiful for two people to be in love with each and still feel the spark many years later. I know it is the romantic in me.

  2. You are very lucky! Most of the time the spark goes dark.

    1. I am divorced two times now. I know all about the spark going out.

  3. Often, the very best times happen when you aren't even looking for somebody to cause that spark in you -- but, all at once, you realize that somebody who is already part of your life as a very good friend is the same person who is now igniting that spark in you!!!


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