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18 Items To Prepare For Winter Emergencies

Snow in northwest ohio

My oldest son and his girlfriend were on the way to work when she had an accident. No one was hurt. As she was trying to turn the car around. But could not tell where the business driveway was at and where the yard or road ended. They were stuck. A tow truck was called in to get them unstuck. They were luckily able to drive away with the car. 

The tow truck took a half hour to get them pulled out. During that time they stood outside in the cold. My son had a thin jacket on with steel toe boots. The girlfriend had a thin hoodie on. Neither was dressed for the weather. The girlfriend told us as soon as she got back in the car, she took her shoes off to warm up her feet in front of the heater. Can you imagine how bad it could have been if the tow truck driver would have taken an hour or longer, instead of a half hour, while they stood out in the cold? 

My son went to work while the girlfriend stayed back to have the car looked at. When she went to back out of her driveway. It would not back out and stopped. She shut the car off and restarted it. It drove okay. She decided to take it to a local mechanics shop to have it checked. They found a bunch of loose stuff on the front end but nothing broke. The place tightened everything that was loose. She was able to go on her way. So far so good, no other problems.

Buds on a tree and snow falls

Living in Northwest Ohio you never know what the weather will be one day to the next in the winter and spring. Within the last week, we had warm temperatures, which turned to rain, which turned to snow. temperatures go up and down. You need to be prepared in case of an emergency. Otherwise, you can wind up sick, hurt or dead. My son and his girlfriend were lucky they weren't exposed to the cold weather longer than they were.

There are ways to be prepared and be safe in case something like this would happen again. There are items you can have in your trunk or back seat to prepare for the cold weather. In order to make a "winter emergency vehicle kit'.

18 Items To Prepare For Winter Emergencies

18 Items To Prepare For Winter Emergencies

1. Keep your vehicle stocked full of gas. Or at least half way before traveling.
2. Battery powered flashlight with extra batteries. You may need this if it is dark out. Or if you need to look down into the engine to fix it.
3. Booster cables to help restart the engine if possible.
4. Warm blanket or two, depending on how many people you have in your vehicle. As you can cuddle in a blanket to stay warm. If a vehicle will not start back up.
5. A first aid kit with manual. To take care of small cuts, or other injuries while waiting on ambulance.
6. Fire extinguisher, in case the vehicle would catch fire.
7. Spare tire with tools to change it.
8. Tire pump kit, in case, of a flat tire.
9. Map of the area you are traveling in. In case you need to walk to get help or to give directions to the tow truck or emergency vehicles.  
10. Snow brush or scrap. Preferably one with both.
11. Windshield fluid, non-freezing kind.
 12. Winter boots or coats. This will help be prepared in case an accident happens. If my son and his girlfriend would have had these. They would have been shielded from the cold better til help arrived.
13. A bag of salt, sand or kitty litter. To help with traction if stuck in the snow or mud. Or use the vehicles mats if they have any.
14. Extra non-perishable food and water. Depending on where you are traveling and the weather, it can take awhile for the emergency vehicles to show up. Such as being stuck in a blizzard. You would have to stay put in the vehicle and wait it out. Or if someone was injured and couldn't travel. 
15. Battery powered radio. It is way, to be able to keep updated on the weather. In case you are waiting on emergency services due to a blizzard or other storm. Plus, keep you occupied til help arrives.
16. Matches, disposable lighters, and candles - To light flares or help keep warm. Small candles can be placed in a vehicle to help keep the inside warm. 
17. Tow chain or rope. In case someone stops to help and doesn't have one.
18. Solar powered bank to keep your phone charged. That way you can call and keep in contact with emergency services.

Knowing and being prepared is half the battle. As if a sudden winter storm, blizzard or tornado happens. Emergency personnel can't go out in the weather unless it is safe for them, being clear, or lessen. You may have to wait things out till help can arrive.

Photos ©Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty.

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  1. We use solar powered flashlights that can charge our phones! Living in Washington, we made sure to keep our gas filled no less than 1/2 tank. And with 6 kids, I always keep at least a small first aid kit in the car, since there were so many injuries at the park or when we went out and we did a lot of scouting activities, it was necessary anytime we went for an outing with them. Great tips!!

    1. I think solar powered flashlights would be a great idea to invest in. No need for batteries, or worrying if they will be dead when you try to use them. Thank you for your valuable input.

  2. Great tips, winter is really the worst time if an emergency happens, but having proper equipment is always a must xo


    1. Your right, winter is the worst time for an emergency to happen. I hope my son and his girlfriend learned their lesson. I think their next gift will be a road safety kit for emergencies.

  3. Such great tips! I have to say, I am pretty thrilled I live in an environment where I don't have to worry about snow - but I did pay my dues, I am from Jackson, WY where it snows buckets pretty much year round! Having a car full of gas = super super important!

  4. Glad that you shared this post. I have a blog for emergency preparation, and you can never be TOO prepared. I remember as a teen, traveling with my Mom to see my Dad in a far away hospital and a car was coming down the wrong side of the road. We had no choice but to head for the snowbank to our right. We were wedged into the bank and couldn't get out of the car. It was really scary. We were in a park, and luckily had gone off the road where there was a lodge. They were able to get us a tow truck and get us out in a short period of time.

    In the bitter cold of my childhood, I've gotten frost bite - you can't feel it happening but you can certainly feel it later on.

    I can't say enough for taking precautions and being prepared. Anyone and everyone should share information on being ready for all types of disasters.

    Thanks again for sharing your story.

  5. These are great tips for winter weather. I don't own a car so they don't apply to me, but I would definitely make sure to equip a car with all of this stuff.

  6. Great tips. Emergency in winter time is not fun. I have no idea if we have some of those in the car.

  7. Winter is almost over here in Indiana. Right now, it's giving its traditional March Madness Last Gasp. Here's hoping that my vehicle will be working by next winter. I generally don't get out in weather like this due to my disabilities. Even so, several of your 18 items ride along with me when I'm driving.

  8. I learned the hard way, while I keep most of this stuff in the car I also keep an extra jacket and I used to keep a change of clothes, so you reminded me to add those clothes to the new car now.


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