Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dear House Challenge

Photo by Sandy Ks aka rusty2rusty

Dear House,

Hello! I am the mother of the family that lives inside of you. I am sure you think we are a rebellious bunch that needs to move out. As you don’t like being destroyed. Or enjoy listening to the all the yelling and fighting going on. To be honest I don’t like it either.

My teens seem bent on figuring out how who can annoy each other the most. That is a typical teenager behavior.

I am sorry my daughter had one of her episodes and kicked holes in the wall. You would think being a teenager she would be over temper tantrums. When her ADHD is off the wall, she literally flips out and doesn’t know how to calm down. I and many other have tried to teach her. It seems like she doesn’t want to. Like she enjoys being angry. I know she doesn’t. She is a scared little girl afraid she is going to fail at life.

I am sorry my teen son leaves his stinky socks and clothes build up in a stack in his room. Which leaves a nasty odor leaking from his room. I am trying to curtail that. I don’t like it either. As I am OCD about those sort of things.

I am trying to get the rest of the house painted. That way you look good. I need to buy more paint. That way I can finish the living room and start in the kitchen. I need to do the laundry room as well. That will wait til spring when the walls will dryer faster.

First I need to start by removing all the spider webs all over the house. That seems to be a never-ending battle. Since it has gotten colder. The big spiders have moved back in.  One day I will clear them all. Next day, it looks like I had not started. Maybe I need to look in a solution of moving the spiders out of you instead.

I am sorry I am a bit slow at cleaning and keeping up with things. If I had more help out of the rest of the members of the family. I wouldn’t have such a hard time. Picking up after themselves would help me out in a big way.

Are happy with the new sinks in the bathroom and kitchen? Or the pipes fixed and now draining out through the pipes instead of underneath you? I love the new front door and back screen door. It does help keep the cold air out much better. The new roof makes you look like a whole new house.

Please, be patient. I am trying, can you see that?

Yours truly,
The Mother

Challenge - Write a letter to someone or something that you never plan on sending. Such as your dog, vehicle, or even a book. Be creative.

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