Monday, January 9, 2017

What Camera Would You Recommend?

It has been snowing on and off the past couple of week sin my neighborhood. Sometimes we get freezing rain and sleet that makes the snowy roads more dangerous. By turning them into a sheet of ice. My street is one street over from the road. The city will not clear the roads unless it is a main street. Thus, my road will turn into a sheet of ice before winter is over.

These were the last winter photos I was able to take with my camera. Before my camera card fell apart. I am hoping to replace my camera card soon. 

If it is too old, it will be time for me to look for another camera. The one I have is ten years old. I do love my camera but it has been through the ringer. Last year, fryer oil was spilled all over it. I was able to save the camera. Now the buttons stick and are hard to push. I plan to use it til it dies if I can replace the camera card. If not, I will look for another one for around $200. As I can't afford to replace the one I have for what I paid for it. 

Have you replaced a camera? If so, what would you recommend for someone who loves to take photographs?

Photos by and © belong to Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty.

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