Monday, October 3, 2016

Attending The Johnny Appleseed Event

Over the weekend my boyfriend, daughter and I attended the an event called "Johnny Appleseed" at the historical Auglaize village. Located in Defiance, Ohio. What is so special about the Auglaize village, well everything. It is run by volunteers. Nobody who works there gets paid. How many places can you say do that?

One of the first things we did after looking through the small flea market are was ride the train for a small fee. The train drives you around the Auglaize Village.

My daughter was ecstatic like a two year old getting ice cream. This was her first time riding a train. She said it was rather bumpy. I laughed as my boyfriend and I explained that back in the olden days the only means of transportation was walking or riding a horse.

We were able to explore the train yard. By climbing on different parts of the train. From the engine to the caboose. Each piece had different information displayed telling about it. From the time it was made til it was donated to Auglaize Village.

From there we went and looked at the Post Office and other historical building. Don't I look cute dressed up as a person who works at the Post Office?

Receiving packages at the post office is a little different today. We no longer wrap the outside in brown paper. Our packages still get weighed before we can send them off. 

Schools back then was comprised as a one room building. Where one teacher taught all students. Some things are similar in the classroom's today. Such as maps hanging on the wall and the teacher's desk is at the front of the classroom.

Walking into Dr. Cameron doctors office was a sight to behold. My daughter said it was like walking into a horror movie. You seen old equipment, medicine bottles, and tools the doctor used.

There wasn't much wildlife except the spiders hanging around in various places. I snapped this picture quickly. as this spider was big. When he moved a leg, I moved quickly away. Spiders scare me. Yet they can take awesoem photos.

One of the reasons for visiting the "Johnny Appleseed" event was to purchase some fo the amazing homemade products. We took home  one mason jar of homemade apple butter for $5.00.

We were able to see live demonstrations on how things were made from scratch. These fellows were making homemade apple cider.

I took a jug home for $6.00. Boy, did the apple cider taste delicious! This apple cider beats in taste any kind you can find in your local grocery store.

Another demonstration we seen was the production of sugar cane in to molasses. I didn't buy any jars of molasses. I did explain to my daughter it was a type of sugar made back in the olden days. That many people still use today.

One of the last places we visited before leaving was the general store. I bought a few old fashion candy sticks. Plus a bag of old fashioned penny candy. The candy was being sold today for one cent a piece. the flavors were horehound, cinnamon, pineapple, lemon, lime, root beer, and sour apple.

Outside the general store you had the chance to bob for apples. I would of done it but I don't have enough to grab any apples. I do remember doing this as a child. I had a lot of fun doing it.

I was able to get a photo taken with my daughter. Plus, one with my boyfriend outside of the doctor's office. 

There was many building we did not explore. The miniature railroad building, the outdoor equipment and many more. One day I hope to be able to explore all the building on the land. 

The last thing I want to share is the amazing apple dumplings sold for $3.00 a piece. They were delicious. If you get a chance to visit the Auglaize Village, please don't miss it. It is an amazing opportunity to learn about the area's history, see live demonstrations, try good food and meet the people who generously volunteer their time


Photos taken by and © belong to Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty.

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