Friday, June 3, 2016

5 Ways To Promote Other Bloggers Without Losing Focus

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When it comes to being successful in blogging. You need to be able to read other member's blogs, leave comments and help promote others by sharing on social media. You can't expect to write, share on social media and that is it. That is not how it works. You need to decide if you want to write for yourself or an audience.  You need to draw an audience from other sources. 

One of the questions people ask is,"How do I keep my social networks from losing their focus, at the same time help to promote others?"

There are several ways to do this :

1. Create a Facebook page - You can create a Facebook page for your brand. Where you can share all your writings. Plus, share those who share the same niche.

2. Create a Facebook page for the purpose of sharing and promoting others - I remember when I first started blogging. I created a Facebook page and shared my writings and those of others. I was asked point blank by a successful blogger why I was sharing other people's stuff on my page. She pointed out my page lost focus. That if I wanted to share other people's stuff. I needed to create a page to reflect that.  Which is something I have done in the past couple of month's. It is called "Helping To promote Bloggers / Writers".

3. Join Pinterest  - You can create different niche boards. I suggest creating one to promote the blogs and writings of others. That way you don't need to create 20 million boards that may never be used again. I created a board called "Promote Your Blogs Some More". Where I can share the work of all the blogs I read or want to promote. I also allow other collaborates to add their posts as well.

4. Join Twitter -  This social media site is awesome for sharing your links and those of others. I tend to follow all those who follow me. It is easy to find others with your niche to connect to as well.

5. Join Facebook groups - Join Facebook groups that are related to your niche that you can promote your blogs or writings in. I have one small Facebook group called "Blogging Friends". The group is for bloggers and writers to come together to share their works and others. My main rule is you can share as many writing or blogging links as you want. However, you must share one of someone else's (your choice of which one) on social media. Many members are great at reading, commenting and sharing more than one.

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