Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wildlife In Your Backyard

Yesterday I wrote about "12 Things To Spruce Up Your Backyard". While sprucing up the backyard. I have came across different wildlife in the yard. I love seeing nature in my own yard.

This big guy is a 'Bullfrog". My boyfriend found him sitting in a parking spot of all places. He ended picking him and putting him in a friends pond. That way the Bullfrog is safe and won't be ran over.

This "Jefferson Salamander" was found under the pallets out back. I had my teen son move them to mow under them. As he was suppose to place  cardboard under them but never did. This area will be a garden next year.

The Jefferson salamander was moved and placed under the shed where it will not be bothered again. They are normally found underground and in damp area.

This little "Grey Tree frog" was found as the centerpieces that use to go to a covered wagon were separated. The Grey Tree frog was in another area peacefully.

This is a "Garden Centipede. It has claws that can be behind its head filled with venom. It uses them in attacks. Thankfully, it scurried away. As quick as it seen us. I would hate to get bit by it.

This is a "Eastern Cottontail Rabbit". It is common in the state where I live. There are several who play in my front yard every morning. One pair of these rabbits can produce  350,000 offspring in five years. If none of the offspring dies off. That's a bunch of rabbits. 

What wildlife have you seen in your backyard?


  1. I had snakes visited my tropical garden besides lizards. Terrifying!

  2. I knew rabbits were prolific, but it sure seems like a lot when you look at the figures over 5 years! That's an awful lot of meat for hungry predators...


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