Monday, May 9, 2016

Who Says Grilling Is Only For Father's Day?

Yesterday was Mother's Day. My boyfriend decided to grill out for the special occasion. I recently ordered BBQ Grill Mats made by OxGord to review. Which is something I ordered after reading a review about BBQ Grill mats on my friend Martha blog post. Since I have Amazon Prime, I received them with in two days of ordering.

The OxGord BBQ Grill Mat came in the size 13 X 16. They are a non stick pad and easy to use. The best thing I like about this mats is that I can actually grill without dropping food off in to the fire. In the past, I lost many hamburgers that way. 

The OxGord BBQ Grill mats was great for the burgers and chicken. However, the hot dogs cooked much better not using the mats. We decided to remove one mat as we were grilling. To grill the hot dogs the old fashion way. Not everything grills so good the OxGord BBQ grill mats. 

I did notice the OxGord Grill Mats do clean up pretty good. It is easier than cleaning a grill. If you want a fast and easy clean up after grilling. These mats are a must have. 

Even my grandson couldn't wait to get food off the grill. I found the mat helped the food cook quicker. Without being black on every side. 

Who says grilling is only for Father's day? Not this Momma who loves to grill. 

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