Thursday, May 5, 2016

It Was The Tomatoes

As I have grown older, I have had some health issues come up. One that has caused my stomach to swell to where I look like I am carrying twins. It hurt. When this started happening a few years ago. I started having issues with constipation. Which I didn't understand. I was eating a fairly healthy diet. Due to having type 2 diabetis.

I went from one doctor to another doctor to only tell me to use over the counter medications. Or to eat a diet with my vegetables and fruits. Except the ones that mess with my GERD.  I was getting confused by the minute. As to treat one health issue, it was effecting another in a negative way. All I knew is my stomach would hurt when it swelled. Til I layed down to sleep. Than I would wake up up coughing to the point of puking til my stomach was empty. By that time only thing coming up was yellow bile. Yuck! I would be exhausted by morning.

One day I was enjoying a pizza sub when my lips broke out in blisters. My stomach started to swell again. The constipation set in. I knew it was something I ate. So, the next day I ordered a cheeseburger from McDonalds that was only ketchup. Which is the ingredient I ate the night before. Guess what! It happened again.

This whole time I have been allergic to tomatoes and not had a clue. Now I can enjoy a pizza sub from Subway with no tomato base pizza sauce. Instead, I had pepperoni, spinach, olives and american cheese.  Place on a honey oat bun. It still taste delicious. No blisters on the lips, no stomach swelling, no constipation or digestive issues. Now I need to learn how to make chili without tomato sauce or V-8 juice.

Any suggestions?

 Photo #1 thur #3 shared from Pixabay, a free use photo website. Photo #4 is owned and © by Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty.

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