Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Blogjob Suspended The Point System

The past few months I have been promoting Blogjob as a way to earn online. I can no longer do that. As of today, Blogjob has suspended the point system. If you can't earn points. You can't cash your points in for Amazon codes or paypal. You can no longer earn from your activity on the website. However, you are able to use the points that has already occurred to cash out.

This is sad news in the writing and blogging industry where people depend on these small websites to earn a little bit of money. I have seen so many of these types of websites come and go. To name a few : Gather, Boomertowne, Persona Paper, Bubblews, CP Gallery, etc.

As of last month, Blogjob claimed it was doing well in the earning department. Blogjob decided to close down for a few days to upgrade to a faster server. Eventually opening membership to new users. Ever since the server migration. The website has ran to a multitude of issues. In the last week or so, Blogjob issued a maximum point reduction per day to help fight the influx of memberships looking for a huge payday - spammers.

Blogjob is still open as a blogging website. You are free to create new blog posts and use the website freely. The only difference, you will no longer be able to earn from participating on Blogjob.  Blogjob has been honest and upfront with an issues of their website. Right now point suspension is suppose to be temporarily. I have no reason to believe otherwise.

However, in the meantime. I plan to remove a few blogs that have became inactive and leave groups that are dead. I do plan on supporting members who choose to stay on Blogjob and continue to write. Maybe with everyones help Blogjob will become a way to earn a little bit online again.

Cheers! Here is hoping to a bright future and a big thank you to Blogjob for being honest about the issues on their websites. I understand why Blogjob had to suspend the point system.

Are you a Blogjob member? If so, do you plan to stay or remove your content? What do you think of all the new changes? Do you think Blogjob will survive? Or do you think this will be the doom of Blogjob?

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