Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WW : Snowflakes As Big As The Dogs

Yesterday in my neighborhood, we finally got some snow to make it look like the winter I know and love around here. It won't last long. As by this weekend temperatures are suppose to reach up in to the sixties. When teenagers think it is time "to wear shorts" weather.

Look how big those snowflakes are, on the end of Moose's nose. They are huge. Neither dog wants any part of snowflakes that big. I open the door with camera in hand. They refused to get off the back step. They wanted back in.

Maybe the dogs know something about that snow that I don't. As they quickly came in, ran towards the front door and window. Proceeded to bark like crazy.

I open the door to see something moving towards in the snow. Was it a snow monster? Up on closer observation. It was no snow monster. It was my significant other covered in snow coming home from work. Ha ha!

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