Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dog Seat belt Review

I had the opportunity to try out the a dog seat belt. A premium adjustable  reflective pet leash. The leash with gel like padded handles. One was a short seat belt. While the other piece was a dog leash with a seat belt combination.

The seat belt / leash combination allows the dog to have room to walk around in a vehicle. Which is great if you have a van. Currently my van is broke down. However, both seat belts attached easily in my small KIA. As you can see from the photo the seat belt easily slips in and connects the seat belt. There is plenty of room for my dog to move around with ease.

Moose did not seem to know what to do after being placed in the car with his seat belt leash. he sat like a statue and did not move. I placed the seat belt leash on him. As he is bigger than my other dog. The seat belt leash worked better for him. As it is teh right size and fit fir him or a larger dog. It was to heavy for my smaller dog rascal who only weights 5.6 lbs.

Now, I want to describe the seat belt leash and buckle more in debt. I mentioned above the seat belt leash was made of gel. It is soft  and feels snug in the hand. The seat belts are a bright red which makes it easily to be seen in any vehicle. No more digger in between seats to find where the leash is to unlatch it or to attach it. I always found black seat belt leashes horrible to work with as they would blend right in. I would recommend this for anyone with a medium to larger size dogs.

I had no issue walking Moose with this leash. The seat belt part is tucked away and covered up. So no harm can come to the dog or me. Moose seems to be a natural at a walking on the new leash. He took to any command with ease. Both of these dogs were rewarded for their good behavior, photo taking and putting up what I wanted them to do with treats.

I also took a quick video to show how well my dog walks on with this seat belt leash. It took a little of coaxing. In the end Moose was running right along with my son having a good old time.

If you are interested, you can find this same seat belt leash  combination at for sale.

I received this product for free, a deep discount or paid shipping and handling, in exchange for an honest review based on my families personal experiences.

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