Friday, March 18, 2016

Fromm Dog Food Recall

Fromm Family Foods out of Wisconsin, is recalling three different varieties if canned dog food. Due to high levels of Vitamin D.  

The products are :
1. From Gold Chicken Pate Dog Food
12 ounce cans
Can case code : #11893
Individual can UPC : 72705 11892

2. Fromm Gold Chicken & Duck
Can case code : #11895
Individual can UPC : 72705 11894

3. Fromm Gold Salmon & Chicken Pate
Can case code : #11891
Individual UPC : 72705 11890

The affected products were shipped between the December 2015 and February 2016.

A dog over dosing on vitamin d can cause toxicity. Toxicity is a life threatening emergency. You must get your dog to the vet with in 72 hours of first noticing the over dose of vitamin d. vet stay can be lengthy and costly.

If you have these products stop! please spread the word. So we can save as many pets as possible!!

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