Friday, March 18, 2016

Moose And Rascal Showing Off Their New Collars

I ordered a couple collars off a website. I received both of them today. One was small for Rascal. The other was a large size for Moose.

Those two really know how to take a good photo together. I took the photos with my smartphone. It looks dark in my living room. It really isn't. My smart phones doesn't take good photos. 

Moose looks out for Rascal. He looks out for too. I know if anyone would walk in my home that is not suppose to be here. He would try to protect me. It's the Chihuahua in him that makes him think he is bigger dog than he really is.

Moose was done taking photos. I was able to get one more of Rascal before he ran off too.

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