Wednesday, February 24, 2016

WW - New Toy Rope For The Boys

Rascal has decided the new rope toy needs to stay by my grandsons tub that holds his toys. Which sits on the Coca-Cola rug. If anyone moves it, even an inch. Rascal pounces to put it right back. It seems Rascal has found the perfect place for the rope. As he will not let it be moved. It sure is fun playing with rascal and his toy rope.

For today's Wordless Wednesday post. I decided to  show off a new toy for my dogs. It is rather big for rascal my 5.6 lb tiny long haired Chihuahua. However, the little one claims it as his. Anyone who picks it up. Rascal is the one running to grab it from them.

The toy rope is very thick. It has weight to it. If it is dropped on a hardwood floor. It will make you jump. Yes, it is that heavy. Blue and white in color. Prefect for the boys to play with. No pink toys for my boys. Rascal seems to love it, As he drags it around the living room. Trying to figure where he is going to keep it. It isn't as simple for him to hide as his treats.

I received this product for free, a deep discount or I paid shipping and handling. In exchange for an honest review based on my personal experiences.

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