Monday, December 21, 2015

Train Your Dog What To Do When It Gets Scared

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Earlier today, I had to take my puppy to the vet. As he was hurt last night. While the vet was checking him out. He noticed Rascal moving closer to me. However, he allowed the vet to touch him. As long as he was touching me.

I spoke with the vet of how I trained my puppy to run to me when he was scared. I explained I know some dogs have a habit of darting off in the opposite direction of their owner when they get scared. I taught my pup to run to me when he is scared. That way if we were in a social situation and he got scared. My pup would look for to run to. Instead of darting off in some unknown direction and get lost.

The vet told me I did a good thing by doing that. As many dogs will dart away from the direction that scared them. It could be a loud sound. Such as : fireworks, vehicle backfiring, or a loud boom. Which could cause them to dart into the road and get hit. When the dogs run like that. They tend to get lost. Some find their way home. Others never do.

I do not know if you can train an older dog or a rescue to run to it's owner when it gets scared. However, I know it works for a puppy. As my Rascal is living proof. He is not the only dog I have trained this way. I have a fenced in backyard. It was easy to work with both my dogs out in the fenced in backyard. To see how they would react to something that would scare them. To train them to search me out when they get scared.

It's funny how many people would tell me I am making a mistake and babying my pup by teaching it to run to me when it is scared or hurt. Seems like I figured something out that could save his life. Plus, any heartache I would feel if he was hurt or lost.

How does your pet react when it gets scared?

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