Thursday, December 31, 2015

Forepets WhistCall Review

Today, I received in the mail a WhistCall made by forePets. I have been looking forward to receiving this product. As I have two small to medium size dogs. Sometimes they listen. Sometimes they don't. I have  a fenced in backyard. So, it isn't to big of  a deal. However, I want to be able to take both out in public on a leash. Since, I can't whistle. I thought of trying this product out to see if it can help me train my dog better. Plus, one dog is smaller than the other one. I do not want the larger dog pulling the small dog everywhere. As it could injure him.

I got the product out of the package. It comes with a strap like necklace that you can place around your neck.  I found it to be a big help when training my dogs. The strap is soft, black in color with product name with a picture of a dog in white. Which is attached to the whistle with a little clip. The whistle feels like it all metal with a light black plastic piece attached. It is light weight and easy to use. 

I blew in to it to see how loud it was. It was not a real loud sound or high pitch. Both of my dogs perked up and looked my way. So, I decided to let the dogs out back. I wanted to call them back in with the whistle. Regardless if they were ready to come in or not. I blew the whistle. Both dogs came running. I gave them a small treat.

The product claims to be the perfect dog training tool. where you can take control of your pet, let them know who really is in charge at all times. You can eliminate unwanted behaviors. Such as stopping incessant barking. While you teach commands and response skills to your dog. 

From the little use I have tried with the WhistCall. It is working. I plan to work more with my dogs. I add an update to this post in a few weeks. So far, they are looking good.

Update : I have been using the forepets WhistCall for the past several weeks. My dogs will come when I blow the whistle to call them. They will instantly stop any behavior. As soon as I blow the whistle. I am no longer the loud neighbor yelling at her dogs to shut up all the time. This product works great as long as I keep up my part of the training. 

If I had to rate this product on a scale from 1 to 5. 5 being the highest rated. I would rate this product a 5. As it does exactly what it claims. I would and do recommend this product to anyone wanting to train their pets.

Have you tried the WhistCall on your dog or other whistles to train your dog? #whistcall

Photos were taken by and belong to me, Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty
I received this product for free, a deep discount, or free shipping and handling for a honest review based on my experiences. The opinions in this blog are strictly my own.

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