Monday, December 21, 2015

Rascal Got Hurt : Off To The Vet We Go

I am sharing the update about the visit, Rascal had at the Vets. For those who are connected on Facebook. You should have seen my post about Rascal getting hurt last. 

For those who haven't, here is a quick update about what happened. Yesterday I laid down to take a nap. My dogs were fine. When I woke up I noticed Rascal walking real slow with his head hung low. At first I thought maybe he was tired. Then I noticed him walking funny.

My daughter mentioned when she picked up he yelped. Picking a dog up should never get one to yelp. If one does, you are picking them up wrong. Or else the dog is hurt some how.

Of course my daughter was quizzed about what happened to the dog. She she drop him etc. She denied the dog was in her room at all. Her denial was found out to be a lie. As my boyfriend let both dogs out of her room. 

House rule : The dogs are not allowed in the kids rooms. Why? Kids like to keep dogs in the room and not allow them out to go to the bathroom. My daughter, special needs, will not clean up a mess. Instead she will cover one up with clothes or whatever is on her floor. Since, she rarely cleans her room. It could be weeks before anything is found. So, no dogs allowed in the kids bedrooms'.

I decided to watch Rascal and see how he was doing til today. As the vet offices are closed in my area on Sundays. There is no emergency vet in my area. The closest one is over a two hour drive. First thing this morning the vet was called. An appointment was made at 3 pm.

Rascal was seen by the vet. He weighed in at 5.5 lbs. The vet did a great job of keeping him calm. As he checked him out. Rascal was back to his old self in no time. The vet didn't see anything wrong with him after giving him an examination. He thinks Rascal might of fell of the bed. He said small dogs like him get injured easier than larger dogs when falling off beds, couches and other things.

These are the vet's instructions: 

1. Rascal is suppose to take some inflammatory pills for the next few days.  
2. He is suppose  to take it easy the next couple of days.
3. He must be picked up when getting on or off the couch or bed. No jumping. As it could aggravate his injury. He must be picked up.
4. No going up or down steps. He must be carried.
5. he must be carried to go outside the bathroom. Picked up and brought back in. As soon as he is done. 

The vet will call tomorrow to check to see Rascal is doing. Of course if he gets worse, I am suppose to take him out or call the vet office immediately.

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