Sunday, December 6, 2015

Embarrassing Photos : My Dogs Did What?

I scroll through Facebook and see all those photos of pets that have done bad things. Their owners place a sign in front of them telling what they had done. I have two dogs that have done some not so smart things.

First there is Moose, my 3 year old Chug

If you look at the top of his head, you can see the color red. Moose is a fawn color. Not red. I heard him barking like something came in the yard that shouldn't have. My teenager runs out, grabs him and brings him in. Tells my boyfriend and I to look at all the blood. That Moose had attacked something. As the blood wasn't his. The more I looked Moose over. The more I begin to wonder. As I did not see any wounds. I tried to get photos. Moose would not look at me. 

After everything was said and done. That red color was not blood. Moose had got in a sag of trash my teen son left out back by the shed. It didn't have any food. So, he thought it would be alright.  Are you still wondering what the red color is?

It was a can of spray paint. Lol. He was messing with the can. It started spraying him. He flipped out and started barking at it. Thankfully a warm bath easily washed the paint off of him. 

My teen learned a hard lesson of not leaving any trash bag outside of the trash can or the shed. the dogs will get ion it no matter what is in them.

Secondly, my other dog Rascal, a 18 month old Chihuahua mix is the other culprit. He was right along with Moose and the spray paint. However, he did not get none on him.

He decided to run through the garden area, where weeds that have stickies on them have grown. See them stuck all over his fur. This is why I put clothes on him. As it helps prevent as many of these stickies to stick on him.

Rascal does not like the stickies getting taken off of him. He will fight it. Him being a tiny dog, takes two people to clean him. As they have to be taken off one by one. 

I swear between these two, they can keep me busy all day. They are like little children that needs to be kept a close eye on.

Do you have any embarrassing photos of your pets?

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