Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Undercover Beagle and Her Sidekick Boston Blackie Book Review

I received this book awhile back. I handed to my 15 year old special needs daughter to read, who is on a 4th grade reading level. She had trouble with some of the big words. I showed her in the back of the book where she could find some definitions for the words she was having trouble. She took about a month to finish the book.

After my daughter read. I read it to. That way I could answer any questions she had. The book was based on several different animals characters and a mystery to solve. I found it to funny and amusing.

I liked several of the lessons taught in the book. I loved how the black bear made fun of the owl's name. The owl took it in strife without getting mad. That was a very good point. As it showed my daughter she doesn't have to react negatively when someone calls her a name or pronounces her name the wrong way. It shows my daughter a way to laugh it off. I also like the fact the book shows how working together as a team can get things accomplished.

If I had to rate this book from 1 to 5. 5 being the highest rating. I would give this book a 5. As this book did not disappoint one bit.

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