Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10 Things to Avoid Feeding Your Dogs

With the holidays coming up. I want to express how important it is to keep certain foods away from your dogs. Some foods will kill your dog if they eat it. Maybe not right away. However, your dog will suffer till the end. If you can't get it to a vet quick enough. I don't know about you but the closest 24 hour vet is an hour from I live. I don't want to risk any chances with my dogs life. As I had a scare when one of my dogs decided to pick up a stick that was full of ants that bite him.

Here is a list of foods to keep away from your pet. Otherwise they can get deathly sick and die. If you're going to feed your dog from the table this holiday season. Make sure these are not one of them :

1. Seeds or pits - Any seed (apple, grape, peach etc.) or pits (cherries) As they are toxic to dogs.
2. Raisins or grapes - These can cause irreversible kidney damage.
3. Chocolate - In small amount dogs seem to do fine. however, since dogs don't have an off button when it comes to eating. it is best to stay clear. As chocolate is known to be toxic to dogs.
4. Onions & Garlic - Some people use garlic to ward off fleas. There is a better natural way using coconut butter oil and yeast. garlic is known to be more toxic than onions.
5. Xylitol - What is this? It is an artificial sweetener in candies and gum. One piece will kill a 10 pound dog.
6. Raw dough - Usually has a high amount of yeast that will cause the dog's stomach to expand and can explode.
7. Mushrooms - Some mushrooms are safe for dogs. It is best to teach your dog these are bad. So, they don't digest any in the wild or up against the tree. Mistakenly eating poisonous ones. Unless you know the difference don't feed them to your dog.
8. Currants - Are related to grapes. They are more toxic. If your dog ingests some. If you don't see vomiting or diarrhea right away. Get your dog to a vet.
9. Raw or green potatoes - While eating raw potatoes may be enjoyable for humans. It is toxic to dogs.
10. Avocados - Are highly toxic to dogs.

Never feed your dogs the seeds, stems, or leaves of any fruit or veggies. As many are highly toxic to dogs. Dogs are not meant to be vegetarians.

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