Saturday, August 1, 2015

Facebook Game : Royal Story

One of the games I play on Facebook is "Royal Story". My avatar is dressed as an Indian. As you can choose what you want your avatar to wear. Somethings are free. Some cost gems, which I never use. Some require hearts. Which you earn by visiting your neighbors kingdoms. Others you earn by completing different tasks throughout the game.

One of the biggest complaints I have learn from other players : Not enough pillage out. In the game you use rocks, weeds, mushrooms and trees where you can collect from your neighbors. These are called pillage, which is used to build things throughout your kingdom.

When your neighbors collect pillage, you get what they collect. Ores and fire drops are something you may get when collecting pillage. Which are used to build different items. This game encourages you to visit your neighbors kingdoms.

Neighbors get upset when they place out pillage, but when they go to theirs, their is none to collect.  You don't have to add the expensive pillage to complete your kingdom. Cheaper pillage works as well. My suggestion : Place out pillage if you want to keep your neighbors.

There are several Facebook groups, where you can connect with other Royal Story players. Facebook Story Friends and Neighbors is a good group to get started. You can learn the ropes of the game and what is expected out of you.

Royal Story Add Me  group is a good group to gain Royal Story neighbors quickly. Remember if you ask for friend requests. To accept them all in a timely manner. I have witness where people will ask for friends request. But leave my request sitting. That is not nice. Frankly, I find it rude. If you accept me and realize you do not want to be friends. Accept me as a friend in the game, you can quickly unfriend me. I will still stay a neighbor in the game.

If this game interest you, you would like to become Facebook friends. You are more than welcome to visit my Facebook profile page at : Sandyaka.rusty2rusty

To play, look up the "Royal Story" app.


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